When a family has a new baby recently, the dog may get very excited. However, some pooches may feel quite jealous. Regardless, dogs will do their best to stay as the family’s center of attention.

Doobie is certainly one of those dogs. This French Bulldog has managed to complicate his fur parents’ gender reveal party. But don’t hate the dog, as what he did was nothing short of hilarious.

Doobie and the party

Canadian couple Jasa Grant and Marie del Rosario hosted a party to reveal the gender of their baby. The plan was to pop a giant balloon that contained either pink or blue confetti. The couple assigned Doobie to pop the balloon. However, the reveal didn’t go as planned.


Jasa and Marie lowered the balloon, so the dog could reach it. Doobie then jumped high to bite it. But instead of popping it, his snout bumped into it so hard that it went flying. The camera even managed to capture the balloon flying away until it couldn’t be seen anymore.

Luckily, the couple got a second chance.

A second attempt at the revelation

Jasa and Marie left the party for a while to look for the runaway balloon. They luckily found it at a nearby park. It had already lost some air, but it could still be popped. The couple decided to give their dog a second chance.

At this point, the gender reveal pushed through with no more complications. Doobie jumped to pop the balloon, and his humans made sure that this time, the balloon wouldn’t fly away.

It was a girl! The pooch might not be ready to share the love and attention with a human sibling. Nevertheless, he looked just as excited over the announcement as everyone else at the party. Hopefully, Doobie would make the best canine bro ever.

Video Source: Caters Clips via YouTube


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