A  three-month-old Bulldog puppy named Martin was surrendered to a nonprofit organization called Road Dogs and Rescue because he was blind. However, he still acted like a normal puppy. He did not seem to realize that he was blind because he confidently moved around as if he could see. He was bumping on things but he still kept going.

They did not doubt that Martin would get adopted at once because he was so cute. Soon, they got adoption applications for him. They chose Jessica and Ryan Kerrigan because the couple had previously adopted a dog from them. They were confident that Martin would get the best love and care in the world.

The family’s dogs, Franklin and Kennedy, got along very well. However, Franklin was already 10 years old and could not engage in the rough plays with Kennedy. They thought it would be good for Kennedy to have another dog to play with, and they chose Martin.


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Martin flew to Washington D.C. to his foster mom, Jaime, then Jessica went over to her house to pick him up. She loved him right at the moment she saw him. She knew that he belonged to their family.

When Jessica learned that Martin was blind, she researched about caring for dogs like him. She was reassured when she found out that they had already baby-proofed the house, so there was not much preparation left to do.

Jessica brought him home and let him get oriented around the house. He got to meet Franklin first, a mellow senior dog, and they hung out. When he met Kennedy, they played immediately.

Next, Martin met the nine-month-old baby Lincoln who loved dogs. They got along better than Jessica expected. When Ryan arrived home, he was enamored with Martin, too. The blind dog managed to charm everyone in his new family just by being himself.

Source: The Dodo via YouTube


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