Sorin Popa, a resident of Brasov, Romania, wanted to add a kitten to her family so that her dog could have someone to play with. She did not want to get the cat from a pet store; instead, she wanted one from an animal shelter. However, she did not have to go anywhere to get the animal — the cat showed up by itself.

Sorin had adopted a white-furred dog, Dante, during the fall of 2017. She noticed that the dog needed an animal companion, so she decided to get a feline. One day, Sorin’s sister called her and told her about a stray kitten that she had found near a construction site. The kitten needed a home, and Sorin wanted a feline, so it was a match made in heaven.

Sorin didn’t waste any time getting the kitten home. The little feline who was named Abyzou was hungry and dirty when she first entered Sorin’s house. The cat also smelled terrible. Sorin took Abyzou to a local vet to get her a thorough check-up. The vet cleaned up the cat and told Sorin that the animal was in good shape.


The next day Dante and Abyzou started smelling each other but remained at a distance. Later that day, when Sorin filled the feeding bowl of both the animals with water, Abyzou came running toward Dante’s bowl and started drinking from it. From that moment on, Dante and Abyzou became best buddies.

Sorin had recently moved into the new apartment without any furniture, so the animals didn’t have anything to hop on to, but they found other ways to entertain themselves. They would stand on the balcony to watch the passersby, mimic each other, or spy on the owner together.

The bond between the two animals is getting stronger and stronger every day, and they have become completely inseparable.

Image source: 2_white_walkers via Instagram


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