Hope for Paws is a non-profit organization that aims to rescue homeless, abandoned and neglected animals from the streets. They treat these animals and place them in foster homes until they found their forever homes.

Hope for Paws received a call regarding a dog named Rosie.  She was a homeless pup and had been fed by the woman daily when she decided Rosie needed to be rescued.  So she called Hope for Paws.

They immediately went to save her. They were able to catch Rosie easily, but they found out that she was a lactating mother, which means she has puppies somewhere. The team needs to find her puppies as well. But it was obvious she doesn’t trust people that easily as she never made any attempt to go back to her puppies.


At first, they put a long leash on her to allow her more space so she can go to her puppies. But she was not taking any of it. She just went under some nearby abandoned car and lay down. It took the rescue team an hour before they finally came with a brilliant plan.

They played a crying puppy sound from their mobile phones to get her excited and to see if she can lead them to her puppies. The trick was successful as she stood up to look for her pups.

The team followed her closely and found five healthy puppies. One of the rescuers befriended her by gently talking to her, feeding her and touching her. When she finally trusted him, she allowed him to touch her babies, and they were immediately rescued.

Watch the full rescue clip below.


Rosie is such a sweet and loving mother. All her babies were good-looking and looked to be well-fed. What’s more, Rosie and her pups were rescued just in time because as they were living, it rained.

Thanks to all the people who helped Rosie and her babies by giving her a safe and loving place to stay. All of you are heroes. Keep up the excellent work.

Source Hope for Paws via YouTube


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