Bret Maverick, a Canadian vlogger, found a stray puppy during his stay in the Philippines. The puppy was a female Aspin, a mixed-breed dog that’s native to the country.

The puppy was skittish around Bret at first. Then she started warming up to Bret, so he was able to pet her and rub her belly.

The puppy was full of ticks and fleas, so Bret gave her a medicated bath. The next day, he took her to the vet for a health check. The vet said that she was about two months old and was fairly healthy. Bret made sure that the puppy was dewormed and had the complete set of vaccines.


He named her Butter. She was a well-mannered puppy, and Bret did not have to spend too much time training her. She loved cuddles and was very active.

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When Butter became lethargic and lost her appetite, Bret knew something was wrong. The vet found crystals in her urine which could lead to serious kidney problems if left untreated. Butter had to take medications and go on a renal diet. She was able to pull through and went back to her cheerful self.

When the pandemic hit, Bret had to reconsider his life plans. The times were uncertain and he wanted to go back home to spend time with his family. He made arrangements to go back to Canada with Butter. She had her health certificate and vaccination record, so she was ready to travel.

After a couple of flights and a ferry boat ride, Bret and Butter were finally home on Texada Island in British Columbia. Butter loved her new home. There was a large yard that she could run around in with her new cat brother Bubba who was adopted from Mexico.

She met her new family and instantly bonded with her human aunt. She was a little shy with her grandma at first, but she warmed up to her in the end. She also met her great-grandmother and great-grandfather who doted on her.

Butter explored the whole island with Bret. They would hike through the woods and visit the beach often. Butter experienced her first snow and she loved it. She was really having the time of her life.

Bret loved his dog so much, and he never regretted rescuing her. She was a great comfort to him when times got tough.

Source: Bret Maverick via YouTube


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