Bill Austin considers his dog JP as a part of the family. The dog plays a crucial role in his PTSD treatment. Austin is a former Delaware resident who now lives in Montana.

He claims that JP also wakes him up when he’s having flashbacks of his previous fights. He went on to say that they also trained the dog to remind him to take his medication. The family then planned to have dinner at a restaurant in Delaware City on Friday.


Kathy’s Crab House owner R.J. Wisowaty said a customer went crazy when she saw a service dog inside the restaurant. Wisowaty shared a video of an anonymous woman blaming restaurant staff for allowing the Great Dane inside. The woman’s clearly having a temper tantrum right from the start of the video.

The woman screamed that she’s leaving because the food was gross and the dog was a nuisance. She screamed at the employees and in front of Austin and his family. The employee reasoned that the dog’s owner is a military veteran.

She, on the other hand, dismisses the argument as meaningless. She also proposed that a room be set aside for service animals at the restaurant. The enraged customer starts ranting about how unsanitary having a dog inside is.

Austin attempts to calm things down. He also asked the woman to take a deep breath and relax. However, the woman refused to listen and instead blamed the other diners.

She said that they were the ones who began the altercation. She eventually got into a car and drove away with a guy. Wisowaty posted the video, and it soon went viral.

The video, according to Austin, teaches viewers that treating others in this manner is disrespectful. According to rules under the Americans With Disabilities Act, it allows service dogs to accompany their owners inside restaurants. The authorities are now on the case.

However, they will not share the woman’s records until she’s charged with a crime.

You can watch the full video here.

Credit: Inside Edition


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