Animal rescuers are selfless people who would give their time to help animals in need. They don’t want any recognition and the reward that they all want is to see the dogs they rescue thrive in a loving forever home. They are true heroes who work tirelessly to give animals a second chance at life.

A dog named Rufus was abandoned in a school compound. He was scared and had no idea what’s going on. When people tried to approach him, he would run away and hide behind whatever is around to keep himself out of reach. Animal rescue volunteers from Hope For Paws were called in to help.

When the rescuers arrived, they saw Rufus hiding behind a building. He badly wanted to trust but he just couldn’t bring himself to get out of his hiding place. Rufus was understandably frightened of everyone and he just wanted to go home to his family.


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To win Rufus’s trust, the Hope For Paws rescuers decided to feed him pieces of cheeseburgers to make him feel at ease and also to lure him out of his hiding spot. Thankfully, Rufus started to feel more at ease. However, Rufus was still reluctant to get out of the tight spot between the walls of a building.

The animal rescuers eventually decided to use a gentle snare to get Rufus out. At first, Rufus resisted but when he arrived at the animal rescue facility, he started realizing that he’s surely in a better place and that no one was going to hurt him. Rufus was fostered by an amazing person for a couple of weeks and he completely opened up and showed his wonderful personality.

After a few weeks, Rufus was adopted by an amazing family who truly loves him and will never abandon him ever again. Rufus finally got the home that he deserves thanks to the animal rescue volunteers from Hope For Paws who worked tirelessly to rescue him. Here’s a heartwarming video featuring Rufus and how he was rescued and given a second chance.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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