Carson was a Pitbull surrendered to the Philly Bully Team, a local shelter. Luckily, Lauren, a kind-hearted woman, saw a video of Carson and couldn’t resist helping.

Meeting Carson

Carson had skin issues and allergies which was probably the reason why his previous owners gave him up. Being abandoned was too much for Carson which is why he developed trauma.

When Lauren saw the video of Carson shaking inside of his kennel, she immediately offered to foster him. Despite really not knowing much about how to care for traumatized pups, she was determined to do anything for Carson.


Lauren took Carson to the vet which gave the dog a thorough physical exam. After treating his skin and allergies, the vet cleared Carson to go home with his new foster mom.

Journey to forever home

Carson was timid on his first days in his foster home. It took him a while to fully feel safe and comfortable despite Lauren’s best efforts.

It didn’t take long before Lauren and Carson became inseparable best friends. They began to do everything together so Lauren applied to adopt Carson.

A few days later, the shelter contacted Lauren and informed her that Carson was officially a part of her family. The two celebrated by going on a walk around the neighborhood and watching a movie together.

Lauren saw how Carson developed and came out of his shell as the days passed. Carson blossomed into a more playful yet gentle dog thanks to Lauren’s never-ending love and care.

Carson loved going on walks and looking for sticks to bring home but not as much as he loved cuddling on the couch with his mom. Despite Carson’s terrible past, Lauren was grateful to see that Carson finally had the life he truly deserved.

Watch the heartwarming story here:

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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