John Handem Piette is a video editor for The Dodo, one of the most popular media brands today that focuses on animal welfare.

John said that there are usually many dogs that linger around their office. Some of them are foster dogs that are looking for their forever homes.

One of them is a dog named Abe.


Brought back


Abe, along with his sister, was a stray dog in Puerto Rico that was rescued and brought to the US. His sister got adopted right away, but Abe had a much harder time finding the perfect family for him.

Abe was fostered by one of John’s co-workers and would usually bring him to the office. As there were many dogs there, John didn’t really notice him at first. But when Abe was adopted, then returned a few days later, he felt sorry for him. He didn’t see anything wrong with the dog so he wondered why he was brought back.

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The second time he was adopted, the office threw a goodbye party for him. They thought that it was the last time they would see the friendly pooch. But once again, the dog was returned only a few days later.


John even felt more sorry for Abe and he decided to discover why his adopters kept on bringing him back. He talked to his co-worker and offered to foster Abe. And he made a vow that no matter what, he will not give up on the poor pooch until he is adopted. He will live through anything that he throws at him.

Eventually, he discovered the reason. Abe, who they now called Bean, was so full of energy and would sometimes get destructive.

No pillow or toy was safe with him. He can be hard-headed as well. But despite that, they have grown to love the dog.

Absolute joy

When Covid hit, John and his girlfriend decided to temporarily move away from their Brooklyn apartment and move in with John’s parents in New Hampshire. There, with the open space, Bean was able to release all his pent-up energy. He and John spent a lot of quality time running, their favorite activity together.

The dog brought absolute joy to John’s family and they decided to officially adopt him. He is well-loved and happy, finally finding the family perfect for him.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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