A Golden Retriever recently became an internet star for his adorable attachment with a stuffed hedgehog. The dog’s owner shared a clip on TikTok that shows how she washes her pet’s favorite toy. However, the adorable canine named Tucker had a stressful time after his owner took away his baby for a much-needed cleaning.

The woman explained in the video that Tucker had the stuffed animal since he was a puppy. Tucker is so gentle with his beloved hedgehog that it has lasted for years. Nonetheless, the toy still gets quite grimy since the sweet pooch always holds it in his mouth. As a result, Tucker’s mama periodically washes the plushie.

The dog owner showed the dirty toy in the camera before the pup held onto it and pulled it back. When she eventually got the stuffed hedgehog, the woman placed it inside a wash bag for protection. She then put it inside the washing machine along with several towels for a gentler spin.

The poor canine could only sit and watch as his favorite toy swirled around inside. When the cycle finished, Tucker’s mama fetched the toy inside the machine and showed it to the awaiting pooch. She told Tucker that his toy finally looked a lot cleaner, but the pup didn’t look relieved.

Another round of waiting began as the dog owner put the toy inside the dryer. Tucker looked crestfallen while he perched at the side, biting a candy bag. His owner remarked that the canine seemed lost without his hedgehog. Seconds later, Tucker clenched a sock between his teeth as a temporary replacement for his favorite toy.

The dryer finally stopped, and the stuffed animal looked as good as new. Tucker reunited with his favorite toy and happily got back to carrying it around everywhere he goes. The adorable video garnered more than a million views, with many commending the pup for enduring the stressful laundry day very well.


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Source: roryandtucker via TikTok


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