Fur parents know how friendly their canine buddies are. Whoever they meet, dogs strike a special relationship with them and become the best of friends.

Thus, an adult Newfoundland dotes over a four-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Though the Newfoundland’s still hesitant to play with the newcomer, it seems its gentle nature around the puppy’s a sign of a budding friendship between the two.

Hello there!

In this endearing footage, a pair of dogs sit across each other on a tiled floor. One of the duo is a large, brown-furred Newfoundland named Samson, while the other dog’s a four-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


At first, it seems the two hold an animated conversation with each other. However, without warning, the Cavalier pup greets Samson with a swift kiss on its nose.

It turns out, Samson’s fur mom brought the Cavalier Spaniel home as a new member of their family. And, since it’s their first time to meet, Mom left the two dogs to acquaint with each other.

Umm, should I play with you already?

As the video progressed, the new pup continued with its affectionate greeting as it lovingly licks the Newfoundland’s nose. However, Samson seems hesitant as he moves his face away from the friendly puppy.

But, as the pup found its neck itchy, it decided to pay attention to it first. While the young pooch’s preoccupied, Samson stares at the newest canine in their house, mulling over how best to interact with it.

But, curious as he is, the puppy soon saunters towards Samson’s back and starts sniffing him. Sensing what his new friend’s doing, the Newfoundland takes a glance to check on its current activity.

As soon as the pup’s done exploring, it moves towards the front and sits across Samson. Do you think Samson finally mustered the courage to speak with his new baby brother? Find out by watching this video link below until the end.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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