Kate Hayes, a nurse working in a veterinary clinic in Perth, Western Australia, could not be prouder with her five-year-old pet dog, Moon. One day, Kate brought Moon with her to work, and that was when she found out that Moon has a natural tendency to care and look after other animals like kittens.

Most animals who were brought in the clinic are those who were abandoned and left behind.

According to Kate, Moon started to develop such inclination with other animals especially with cats about four years ago when she brought home a cat named Phoenix so she can be her foster mother. Moon was overjoyed knowing that he now has a new playmate. Moon and Phoenix instantly liked each other.


Seeing that Moon appreciates kittens as a companion, Kate then brought home more cats to take care of. Each cat has different characters, and Moon has been very patient adjusting to each one of them. Moon helped most of the cats get out of their comfort zones and later, those cats were already playing with the rest.

Majority of the kittens that Kate brings home are already abandoned, so Moon serves as their foster dad. There was also one instance when Kate assisted sick kittens which were rescued from a remote area.

One of the kittens was severely injured and needed urgent medical attention for quite a while. Moon was there to help in taking care of the said kitten, and he never failed to accompany her until she got back in shape.

Since that incident, Moon seemed to have fallen in love with that specific kitten making his desire to take care of other kittens more intense. Catering to kittens give Moon some sort of fulfillment, and to this date, he has already become a foster parent to more than 70 kittens.

Credits to cute_moonbear


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