Ten years is too long to be apart from someone you love. For dogs, this is like a whole lifetime. So when this one particular dog was finally reunited with its owners, they were pleasantly surprised to see that their long-lost pet still recognized them.

Scanned for a microchip

This heartwarming story started out in Lafayette, Louisiana. A resident of the area, a young man named Tyler, found a homeless dog near his home. The dog was weak and looked really old. He felt sorry for the homeless pooch and brought him to a local rescue group named Friends of Lafayette Animal Shelter.

After being turned over to the shelter staff, the dog was checked on by a vet. Despite the lack of food, water, and shelter, the dog was in good medical condition.


Their next step was to scan him for a microchip. And fortunately, the dog had one. They discovered that the dog’s name is Moose, and he had been missing for more than a decade.

With the help of a local veterinary clinic, they were able to track down the dog’s owners.

I know you

Moose’s owners were shocked to hear that their dog was still alive. They have searched for him for a long time, and they have somehow lost hope that he would still be found. They have wandered for years what happened to him.

The family dropped everything that they were doing and rushed to the shelter. When they walked in, Moose was waiting for them. And amazingly, the very moment the dog saw his family, he started wagging his tail and walked towards them.

Moose gave them kisses and tried to give them hugs. His owners still couldn’t believe that their dog was in front of them. Tears rolled down their flushed cheeks as they hugged him back. Even the shelter staff couldn’t hold back their own tears.

After their heartwarming reunion, the couple thanked everyone that helped their pet, and they finally took Moose home. Something they have long waited to do.

Source: Friends of Lafayette Animal Shelter via Facebook


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