Because of the Pandemic, the whole world is advised to stay at home as much as possible. In many places, a month has passed by with people being quarantined in their own houses. Staying indoors for long periods is not easy for everyone.

Though difficult, some have made the most use of their time. They learned new things and harnessed skills that they already know. For one art teacher, she turned to what she does best and enjoys the most.

Jean Jones decided to create art while at home. But she used another medium; she worked using chalks. It didn’t take long for Jean to figure out what she wanted to make.


Jean started drawing simple lines on the pavement of her garage. The start of her work didn’t look much, but sometimes, we could just never tell the outcome unless it’s done. As more details and outlines were added to the image, her artwork became more apparent to everyone.

Dog Lovers would call it the artwork of the century! Jean was drawing a dog with its tongue, reaching out to lick its nose. She took pictures every few minutes to show her progress on it.

The finished artwork was just so beautiful. Never before has some seen such a realistic artwork made with chalk. Those who saw the drawing on the ground probably hope it doesn’t rain soon so that her masterpiece doesn’t wash off.

Jean loves drawing as a past time, but her work was not for herself. She wanted to bring smiles on her neighbor’s faces and to those who saw her work online. And for sure many people did smile.

Many news sites have featured Jean’s artwork, and it has gained much attention. Comments about her incredible skill and their adoration for her piece was all over the internet. During this hard time, it’s great to see how people build each other up and make them happy even from a distance.

Posted by KUTV 2News on Saturday, 4 April 2020

Credits to KUTV 2News


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Cathy D. Evans
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