Dogs do not come without responsibility and one of these responsibilities is grooming, in fact this is one of their basic needs. Dogs are like people in the way that they need regular physical maintenance to look good and feel good. Dogs do not have to bathe daily, but they do need a basic grooming schedule.

Your dog’s grooming needs are going to be based on their breed and their hair type and there might be special circumstances if your pup has a nail, skin, or ear condition (If your dog has one of these conditions your veterinarian will have instructions on how to groom and care for your pups extra needs).

The Best Grooming Tools:


In order to groom your dog, you need to have the appropriate tools for their skin and fur. These tools will vary from dog to dog, but there are basic grooming tools that you should have on hand. These are relatively inexpensive tools and a groomer or veterinarian can help you identify the right tools for your dog.

Dog Brushes & Combs: Bristle brushes work well for most hair types, and these bristles can vary from soft-firm and long to short. Dogs with medium to long hair do better with a wire or a pin brush because it allows you to de-tangle their fur.

If your dog is prone to mats and tangles, they can also benefit from a rake brush or a mat breaker. Brushes will vary but you can use trial and error when finding the best brush. Some brushing tools come with a “connector” the base can connect to many different types of brush heads. These are useful if you have a dog that needs to use multiple different brushes.

Nail Trimmers: Nail Trimmers are a necessity for a dog owner, a dog’s nails should be kept short and neat. These can be a stressful tool for dog and their owners but the more you handle your pups paws and reward them when using nail clippers the easier it will become to keep their nails neat.


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