Shelter dogs tend to be sad. Longing for a family, they feel lonely as they stay in their cages for most of the time. Many of them don’t have beds; they sleep on the cold concrete floor.

This was what social media influencer Stuart Edge witnessed when he visited a dog shelter for the first time. He was supposed to just volunteer to walk the dogs, but what he saw left him heartbroken for the pups.

“They just don’t have the best situation to live in,” Edge said in a vlog that covered his visit to the shelter. He added that the dogs’ sadness was evident in their eyes.


Moved by what he saw, the social media influencer asked the shelter how he could help improve the dogs’ living conditions. What could he possibly donate that would benefit the dogs in some way? The shelter gave him one answer: the dogs needed beds.

So Edge set out to buy beds for all the shelter dogs. He also contacted some friends and asked them to volunteer to take the dogs out that day so the fur babies could have a bit of fun before receiving their gift.

When his friends came, the dogs looked so excited and happy that someone would take them out for a walk and some playtime. Their eyes lit up as they were taken out of their cages. Edge also picked a dog to take out.

After spending some time walking, running around and playing, the dogs had to return to the shelter. When they were back in their cages, Edge and his friends gave each of them a new bed.

It was amazing to watch the dogs explore the softness of their beds before plopping down on them. They looked so happy to finally be sleeping on a comfortable, warm surface instead of the concrete floor.

The vlog, which has been viewed more than 2 million times, touched the hearts of many. It even inspired some of the viewers to do the same at their local shelters.

“I did learn from this experience that there is something amazing about just putting goodness into the world,” Edge said on his vlog. Indeed, there is. The happy dogs could feel it, too.

Source: Stuart Edge via YouTube


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