Dogs and their beautiful souls are the constants we all need. That’s probably why there’s been a considerable jump in dog adoptions for the past five years.

This dog story hopes to continue that streak and break all impressions we have on the larger dog breeds around.


Meet Eiger, a gentle Bernese Mountain Dog. He’s the son of parents who love fostering, and he showed that he’s an asset to this small family.

On this day, Eiger welcomed six puppies that his parents just fostered. They’re only four weeks old, and they’re pitbull/bulldog/mastiff mixes.

If Eiger’s parents were initially worried about how their pet would react, they soon discovered they didn’t have to. He turned out to be a pro at handling the little ones.

The puppies were naturally curious, so they were all over Eiger. He didn’t mind, and he was gentle with his actions and play-biting.

The puppies alternated between climbing over the Bernese, jumping at his snout, and playing with his tail. The little hooligans probably wondered what that bushy, moving thing was.

The rascals didn’t know that they also have their own. It’s not gonna grow as big as Eiger’s, but you do have tails, little ones!

A couple of puppies got thirsty and checked the water bowl out. One had fun with a rope, but the rest stayed close to Eiger.

They were happy to paw, bite, and scramble all over him. Eiger must have been poked a thousand times, but he kept his gentle behavior up.

You’ve modeled a great example, doggo. These puppies will grow to have different personalities, but we know that they’ll remember how to be kind and gentle.

Your parents couldn’t be prouder. You’ve proven that big dogs look intimidating, but they also have huge and gentle hearts. Cheers!

Photo and video credits to Lilly The Bernese via YouTube


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Cathy D. Evans
Life-long fan of all dogs including Finnegan pictured here. He's a Chinook about a year old with the most wonderful personality. Please enjoy this dog website and its content. “Dogs don’t rationalize. They don’t hold anything against a person. They don’t see the outside of a human but the inside of a human.” —Cesar Millan (dog trainer)


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