Tollers are big dogs who look just like Golden Retrievers. But even with their size, they can be very gentle giants who love to play and go on adventures.

Milo, a two-year-old tolling retriever, absolutely loves being one with nature, most especially when playing with butterflies!

Jennifer Bennet, Milo’s hooman, grows a beautiful garden at home. Since Milo was only 10 weeks old, Jennifer decided to welcome this pup to her family. The doggo grew up loving their garden and meeting the friendly monarchs flying there.


Two years ago, there was a big butterfly migration in their area. Jennifer noticed how Milo enjoyed seeing these monarchs hovering around their garden. The pooch always seemed curious about them and was very gentle to them.

This prompted Jennifer to start raising monarchs in her garden. She started planting milkweed because caterpillars loved eating this plant. And since caterpillars can be very vulnerable to different predators, Jennifer and Milo would go looking for these insects and keep them safe in their butterfly box.

After letting these caterpillars rest in their cocoon, they can watch them transform into a butterfly and Jennifer and Milo would release them back to the garden so they could fly freely. Milo loves it when some of them would hover gently and land on his face.

Jennifer enjoys taking great photos of Milo together with the butterflies. The pooch is a natural model himself and makes up for wonderful pictures. When Jennifer posted these photos online, people around the world loved it and Milo became an instant celebrity, calling him the butterfly king!

But other than that, Milo is also an activist and a chef. Being inspired by Greta Thunberg’s initiative on going on school strikes for climate change, Jennifer thought that Milo could also do the same given his platform. Milo would often strike a pose with different placards telling people how they can help to save the environment.

On other days, however, Milo is busy being a chef on his very own cooking show called Drooling For Treats. The doggo absolutely loves making butterfly cookies and birthday cakes together with his hooman. And all of their dishes are 100% doggo-approved.

Jennifer wasn’t expecting to get so much attention from different people on their social media platforms. But it really makes her happy knowing that Milo is helping make other people’s days brighter. Milo also feels great that he gets to spend a lot of time with his hooman doing these fun activities.

Video Credit: Good Morning America


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