Luna lived in the mountains for quite a while. Her front legs were injured, and she was blind in both eyes. Fortunately, someone with a kind heart spotted her. The Good Samaritan took a video and sent it to Viktor Larkhill, the founder of Let’s Adopt, an animal rescue organization in Spain.

Viktor’s heart broke when he saw Luna’s video. In an instant, he agreed to help save the pup. He quickly hopped into his car and drove for hours to make it to the mountains.

Once Viktor made it to the rescue site, he immediately noticed Luna struggled. Besides her injuries, he noticed she was also pregnant. She was too weak that she could barely stand.

Viktor gently scooped Luna and drove her straight to the hospital. The dog needed emergency surgery because her bones protruded, and it was already infected. Additionally, the vets performed an emergency C-section because the babies inside her were already dead.

The trauma Luna went through was unimaginable. The vets operated on her and managed to save one of her eyes. Luna had a complicated case, so she needed to stay at the hospital for eight long months. Thanks to her rescue friends, she pulled through just fine.

About three months after her recovery, Luna found her home. Estella, a friend of Viktor’s offered to provide the dog the home that she deserved. But two years later, Luna was diagnosed with a heart condition, and she needed surgery to save her life.

Estella called Viktor and asked for help. Without hesitation, Viktor flew to Santiago to pick up Luna and took her back home. The dog had two surgeries and is doing very well under the care of his rescuer.

Luna had to temporarily say goodbye to her mom so she could receive the medical care she needs. No one knows when they’d see each other again. But because she’s a resilient girl, everyone believes she’ll get better very, very soon. And before long, she’ll be back in her mom’s loving arms.

Credits to Viktor Larkhill


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