Like most creatures, dogs experience a decline in their functions as they age. One of the most common is the loss of eyesight. This is what happened to Charlie, an 11-year-old Golden Retriever who lost his vision due to glaucoma. Vets had to remove his eyes to relieve him of discomfort.

Charlie’s spirits never wavered despite losing his sight. He was always an active and lovable pooch, but his owners noticed that their beloved pet had some changes in his personality.

He was not as excitable as before and did not play as much. So Chelsea Stipe and her husband, Charlie’s parents, decided that maybe it would be best if they got a friend for Charlie.


Enter Maverick


Almost immediately after Charlie met Maverick, they became a hit. Maverick, a Golden Retriever as well, loved the senior dog, and vice versa. The young pup’s enthusiasm and energy seemed to have rubbed off on the senior dog.

Charlie’s demeanor changed; he had more zest for life and played a lot more. Maverick would place toys in front of Charlie and would nudge them towards him. When Charlie feels them, he and maverick would then play with the toys.

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Maverick also seemed to understand that Charlie has a disability. Despite lacking the training to be a service dog, Maverick was a natural in helping Charlie around.

The young pooch would keep the senior dog in line and help to avoid hitting objects. He sometimes even takes Charlie’s leash to lead him on walks.

The two are never without each other. If they are not playing around, they are either eating or sleeping together. Although Charlie can never regain his youth or his eyesight, Maverick has shown him that life is still good.

Together they fill each other’s lives, and no one is happier than Chelsea and her husband. They hope that by sharing their stories on Instagram, they can inspire other dog owners as well. 

Source: Caters Clips via Youtube 


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