Many people like to say that there is nothing stronger then the love between a man and his dog. The part that they don’t realize is that this bond takes work, love, and devotion. Not all bonds happen “automatically” most of them take effort and patience.

Loving your dog and spending time with your dog are huge parts of the human-dog relationship. The love between a pet and their owner develops more naturally then a bond. A bond takes this love a step further.

A dog who is bonded with a human has equal parts of trust and respect. There are many different ways that you can encourage a natural bond with your dog.

 Top Five Ways to Encourage a Bond with your Dog

Spend Time Together: This might seem like an obvious suggestion but spending time with your dog allows your relationship to grow and flourish. One of the best things about spending time with your dog is the ability to share experiences.

Taking your dog on a surprise outing or an extra walk can be a fun and exciting activity that is outside of your normal day to day routine. If you are a dog owner you should be spending time with your dog anyway, but going out of your way to add in a fun adventure or a special surprise can make a difference in how meaningful your time is being spent. 

One on One Training: Positive reinforcement training can help you create a strong bond with your dog. Not only is this a one on one training method it is something you do to communicate with one another. During this training your dog will learn your expectations as an owner, and you will learn what to expect from your dog.

When you are using positive training methods you are creating a positive way to solve problems together. This method helps you bond because it is a force free reward-based training. The bond is built on trust and respect for one another.

Once you have started a training routine there is nothing you can’t do. There are so many things you can teach your dog and let them experience. Many trainers offer different programs that your pup can move through.

Eventually, you can move into agility/show if your dog seems interested in these activities. The more you get to know your dog the more personalized the training becomes.

Respect your Pup: Sometimes we get caught up in our own lifestyle and forget that we have a dog who has their own personality. It might sound silly, but dogs have likes and dislikes and it is important to pay attention to this.

If your dog does not enjoy their ears being touched, don’t pet their head in a way where you are touching the ears! Let other people know how to respect your dog! If your dog knows that you are going to treat him/her with respect, there is a greater trust.


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