What would you do if you saw a bear inside your property? It’s more than likely that you’d stay inside your house and lock all the doors and wait for the bear to go away. Or, you might call animal control and get them to chase the bear from your property. Bears are huge and fierce wild animals with teeth and claws that can easily tear off human flesh.

However, it’s a different story for dogs. Dogs are highly protective creatures, especially with their families. If they think that their family member is threatened, they will put their lives on the line to protect the people they love. No matter how big or menacing the threat is, it won’t matter for a dog protecting their pack.

A dog named Riley went above and beyond when it came to protecting people. Mark Stinziano’s house had security cameras recording most areas around his house. One evening, a black bear entered Mark’s yard. Curious, the bear knocked down the bird feeder and started munching on the seeds.


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The bear soon noticed something moving next door and eventually saw Riley charging through an opening in the fence. Riley bravely ran up to the bear and tried to bite it. Riley’s courage startled the bear, which eventually sent it running away from the property.

The bear was making so much noise that it attracted the attention of Riley, who belonged to Mark’s neighbor. It turned out that Mark visits his neighbor frequently and eventually became good friends with Riley. Riley would even look after Mark’s children from time to time.

Mark couldn’t believe that his neighbor’s dog would protect him and his kids by scaring off the bear that trespassed in his property. Mark stated that Riley had been such a good boy that the next time he visits Riley, he’ll be getting a big steak as a treat. Thankfully, nobody was hurt during the entire commotion, including the bear. Here’s a remarkable video of Mark’s security camera showing how Riley chased off the black bear, helping itself on some birdseed.

Video Source The Sun via YouTube


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