When Nita Pickering of Yuma, Arizona saw a photo of Spanky the Bulldog puppy, she fell in love at first sight. However, Spanky suffered from fading puppy syndrome. Puppies with this condition usually live for no more than two weeks.

Spanky’s owners surrendered him to the rescue organization Josh and His Critters. Fortunately, Tina Lythgoe, the group’s founder, was known for taking on challenging cases. So, Tina wasn’t going to let Spanky go down without a fight. She provided him with the medical attention he required and sent a photo of him to rescue advocate Nita.


Spanky was tube-fed every two hours around the clock. Fluids were also injected into his skin. Additionally, an incubator, antibiotics, and prayers were employed. With Tina’s care and supervision, Spanky recovered and finally went to his forever home with Nita after eight weeks.

Spanky no longer requires special treatment, aside from certain considerations that bulldogs need. According to Nita, bulldogs’ skin can be sensitive. They can also have allergies. Some even develop conditions that need surgery. However, every Bulldog is different.

Because his lower lashes rolled into his eye and caused irritation, Spanky once had to have surgery. But for Nita, it was only a small price to pay. She said that bulldogs are an expensive breed to own and maintain, but they are well worth it.

According to Nita, everyone should consider dog rescue. She firmly believes that all dogs deserve love and affection, even if they are not some people’s idea of perfect. She added that rescue dogs give more love because they know they have been given a second chance at life.

Spanky is now thriving and receiving all of the love and attention he deserves. He even won Modern Dog Magazine’s Star Dog photo contest. Spanky’s story is a testament to what can be accomplished through dog rescue and adoption.

Credit: Modern Dog Magazine


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