The California wildfire in 2017 ravaged town after town and caused numerous families to be homeless. More than 1.2 million acres of vast land were burned, and it is estimated that the damage was somewhere around 18 billion dollars.

One of those that lost her home is a college student named Natasha Wallace. When she returned after the fire was gone, she couldn’t help but shed tears as she saw her home burnt to the ground. The neighborhood was gray all over, and it’s difficult to imagine that everything would ever be the same again.

But she is still thankful that she survived. And even happier that her pit bull, Bentley, is fine as well.


The escape


Natasha was on her way home at two in the morning when the fast-spreading fire got into her town. She just came from a friend’s place after studying all night. She was driving on the freeway when she noticed that the sky was glowing orange. The fire was already near her neighborhood, so she drove faster.

She could have just gone away and not risk her safety, but her dog was at home, and there was no way she could leave him behind. When she got to her house, she rushed her 70-pound dog to her car and quickly drove away.

But within minutes after leaving her driveway. She got stuck in traffic. Everybody was trying to escape.

As the fire was getting closer by the minute, she had to make a decision. She parked her car to the side, and they went back home.

Heavy load

Natasha and Bentley rushed back home so that they could get her bike. She also got a large duffel bag where Bentley will stay while she rode the bicycle. The dog seemed to understand right away. With the heavy load on her back, The young woman went as fast as she can.

Thankfully, after a few miles, a truck driver saw them and stopped. he gave the two a ride until they got to safety.

Natasha is so thankful that they were able to escape. And she is amazed that there are still good people out there that are willing to help those in need.



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