Do you remember how dogs in viral videos welcome their fur parents home with kisses and cuddles? It seems no matter where their hoomans come from, canines can’t wait to spend more time with them.

But, a fur dad’s too surprised to see his doggy pair giving him the most apathetic stares upon arriving home. And, it looks like Dad’s enthusiasm turns into embarrassment upon seeing his dogs’ facial expressions.

I’m home!

In this comical footage, one can initially see a man’s hand reaching out for the wooden door. With the way it looks, the man arrives home after working for the day.


Thus, without wasting a second, the man then opens the door and looks around the house. The man keeps on searching the house until he finally sees what he’s looking for.

And, at that moment, the man immediately flashes a wide smile. The camera soon pans out and shows two dogs gazing at Dad with wide-eyed stares.

Umm, what should we do, Dad?

Despite the canine pair’s expression, Dad reaches his arms out to the dogs to coax them into running into his arms. Yet, the canine pair merely stay seated on their current locations and squints their eyes.

Before Dad can react to their facial expression, the doggy pair simultaneously turn back and run towards the stairway. Seeing this, Dad can’t help but feel dismayed.

Thus, to somehow regain composure, Dad slowly lowers his arms. But, no matter how really hard he tries to look like he isn’t affected,  Dad’s smile slowly turns into a frown. At some point, the man even swiftly wipes an imaginary lone tear on his face.

Can’t believe canines can give their fur parents a cold welcome upon seeing them home? Better watch the footage below and see how amusing the canine pair’s reactions are.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube 


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Cathy D. Evans
Life-long fan of all dogs including Finnegan pictured here. He's a Chinook about a year old with the most wonderful personality. Please enjoy this dog website and its content. “Dogs don’t rationalize. They don’t hold anything against a person. They don’t see the outside of a human but the inside of a human.” —Cesar Millan (dog trainer)


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