It’s not unknown to fur parents the stubbornness their canines possess when they want to get an object to play with. Once dogs set their eyes on that item, they’ll do everything in their power to get their paws on it.

Thus, a witty puppy hilariously distracts its fur sister to grab the lollipop she’s holding. With how things look, the pup’s strategy is a success as it manages to yank the candy out of the toddler’s hand.

Little sister, what’s that on your foot?

In this comical video clip, a girl walks on a concrete road. Yet, the lass isn’t alone in the area as her black-furred puppy follows her closely behind.


At first, you’ll think the pup’s merely following its fur sister wherever she goes. But, it seems the little dog hatches a mischievous agenda in its mind as it begins nipping on the lass’ shoe.

For the first few seconds, the girl carries on with her walking spree while holding a toy in her left hand and a lollipop in her right. Yet, the lass finds it harder to concentrate on walking as her silly pup keeps on chewing on her shoes.

Yes! Got it!

But, as walking’s more important, the lass tries her best to concentrate on the deed. However, when the girl takes a short break from her stroll, the mischievous pup goes all out on munching her shoes.

With this, the young girl tries sending the pup away by extending her lollipop-clad hand toward it. Yet, the witty puppy sees this as a chance to steal the candy as it surprises the lass with a quick jerk of its body.

Taken aback by what the puppy did, the lass accidentally lets go of her lollipop. Before the shocked girl can retrieve her candy, the pup grabs hold of it with its snout and escapes.

Finally realizing what her mischievous pup did, the lass can only cry over losing her lollipop. Do you think the puppy takes pity on the girl and returns the candy to its fur sister? Don’t miss out on the funny pup’s decision by viewing the link below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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