Fur parents know how their beloved canines love too munch on delicious food. Despite this, though, dogs have specific preferences on how they want to take their meals.

Thus, one obstinate Siberian Husky adamantly refuses the warm cup of tea that its fur parent offers. No matter how often fur parent doles the delicious tea to the pup, the Husky refuses to drink the refreshing tea from the cup.

Hey, do you want some tea?

In this funny yet eye-catching footage, an adorable Siberian Husky lies on a bed. Not far away from the pup, its fur parent hands a warm cup of tea to it.


Most curious dogs start sniffing and tasting the tea, but the Husky performs neither. Instead, the startled doggo frantically backs away from the tea-filled cup while issuing a warning bark at fur parent.

However, fur parent also refuses to back down as she brings the cup closer to the Husky. With this, the dog sits up straight and growls at the cup of tea, refusing the refreshing beverage fur parent’s offering.

I said no, okay?

By the looks of it, the tenacious Husky declines the tea its fur parent’s offering simply because it doesn’t want to drink from a cup. The pup makes its feelings known by refusing to touch the teacup every time fur parent hands it.

At some point, the irritated pup even pounces on the glass and attempts to tip it over. But, the Husky can’t seem to perform it with fur parent watching. Thus, the doggo backs further into the bed while letting out a bark as a warning.

For the next few seconds, the comedic scenario continued, with neither side refusing to concede. Do you think the Husky pup kept declining the cup of tea fur parent offered? Keep watching the video clip below to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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