Shiloh is a Chocolate Labrador that has lived most of his life gorging on oversized meals. The spoiled pup never learned to say no to any food that his family gave him. No labrador would. Because of this, his weight started to balloon at such a young age. And as he grew bigger, the less exercise he did.

By the time he reached the age of seven, he was almost double the average weight for his breed. With his sedentary lifestyle, he wasn’t expected to live long.

Drastic changes

Shiloh’s new lease in life came in the form of a new family. His owners, unable to care for him anymore, surrendered him to a shelter. He was then put up for adoption. Thankfully, a kind woman from Massachusetts name Heidi Fiore discovered his dilemma and willingly took him in.


Heidi fell in love with the large dog the moment she saw him. She promised to do everything that she could to give him a better and happier life. And to do that, there would be drastic changes. Shiloh has to shed off his excess pounds.

Heidi got in touch with a veterinarian, and together, they hatched a plan. They were going to create a strict diet and exercise regimen. She only fed him food with low-calorie content and made sure that they go on walks at least twice a day.


Like most overweight dogs, Shiloh was very reluctant to exercise. He easily gets tired and would oftentimes lie down and refuse to move. But Heidi was persistent. And after a year they had amazing results.

Shiloh was able to lose 60 pounds, and they reached the goal they set. But more importantly, the dog was happier and more active. Without the excess weight, he could go and run anywhere. His favorite is playing at the beach.

He is now doing things that he wasn’t able to do before. Plus, with his new healthy lifestyle, he can expect a lot of years ahead of him.

Source: @shilohisshedding/FB


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