Dogs are ever curious creatures. Although there are some that are certified couch potatoes, many of them love going on adventures. Of course, there is no better place to do that than going beyond the fences of their homes.

Unfortunately, the majority of the dogs cannot just go outside as they please. They have to wait for their owners to let them out for a quick break or take them out for walks or playdates. Thankfully, this curious dog found fun a way around that.

A few weeks ago, Rena Nicole went out for a stroll together with her partner. They were walking around their neighborhood in Ohio when suddenly a local Great Dane caught their attention. The dog’s house was highly fenced. However, that did not stop the pup from keeping tabs on the world beyond.

Ever seen a Great Dane on a trampoline? No? Now you have. You’re welcome. #scenesfromourwalk #sofunny(For licensing or usage, contact

Posted by Rena Nicole on Wednesday, 25 March 2020


The adorable dog was jumping up and down the big trampoline that was placed in their yard. He was facing the street the whole time, which made it seem like he did not only intend to play. He was purposely using the trampoline to take a peek outside.

Rena was so amazed by the adorable dog, so she decided to take a video. On the clip, the pup could be heard barking. His ears were flipping while he was jumping, which made him look even cuter. Although he cannot take a step outside, a few glimpses of the outside world were enough to bring so much happiness to the curious dog.

It was not clear how long this went on. However, with the few-second video, it seemed like the bubbly dog had no plans of slowing down. As Rena and her partner continued their walk, they must have felt so reassured knowing that they have such a jolly pup watching over their neighborhood, one happy bounce at a time.

Credit: Rena Nicole


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