Isn’t it nice to own a talented dog? Though our smart canine friends can learn almost any trick with proper training, others are naturals at it.

However, for Harlso the dachshund, discovering his hidden talent was all thanks to a little experiment his fur parents did.

Balancing’s a cinch for me!

As depicted in the short video clip, Harlso can balance almost anything on top of his head. Whether it’s a stack of cheeseburgers, a box of Toblerone, or a glass half-filled with water, the pooch can quickly stabilize them on his head.

But, unlike other pooches who underwent rigorous training to perfect their skills, Harlso funnily discovered his talent.

Oh! So you can balance things, eh?

As Harlso’s fur parents relayed to the INSIDER team, they discovered the pooch’s unique talent purely by accident.

While Harlso and his fur parents happily played a game of fetch, the fur parents thought it would be fun to place a toy on his head. And, when they finally did, they felt amazed at how Harlso managed to balance the toy efficiently.

From then on, they started placing every object they can find on Harlso’s head.

Ooh! I’m a celebrity now!

Since then, the dachshund’s fur parents uploaded videos of him showcasing his superb skills. Anyone who gets to see the pooch’s videos end up becoming his avid followers.

However, as everybody’s not perfect, it’s expected for Harlso to commit some mishaps along the way. But, the pooch’s fans and fur parents don’t mind it at all. All they could see is an adorable and talented dog that makes everyone happy.

It’s impressive to see how Harlso stays calm amid all the attention he gets from people. But, there’s one particular thing that Harlso couldn’t stand taken away from him.

If you want to discover what that thing is, feel free to watch the video clip below.

Video Credit: INSIDER via YouTube


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