In Folsom, a family got reunited with their missing dog after 14 months. All thanks to a kind stranger who managed to find the pooch and returned the dog named Teddy.

According to Mark Shelton, Teddy’s owner, his family was so worried and sad when Teddy got lost. The pooch has been with them when he’s just a few weeks old.

No one expected that Teddy would be able to escape from home. Shelton added that it was devastating for the whole family. The pooch is a huge part of the family, so they were all really wanting to find the missing pooch as soon as they can.


The family tried finding Teddy everywhere. They also printed and posted flyers to spread the information about their missing pet. Volunteers also helped them knock from one door to another just to ask about Teddy.

Shelton said that they did everything they could. They didn’t want to lose hope of finding their beloved pup. Unfortunately, over a year has passed, and they still had no sign of Teddy.

The family sadly concluded that the pooch might never come home again. It was so difficult for them, but they somehow wanted to start moving on.

One random day, another family went out to look for their family pooch who also managed to escape from home. Jamie’s family was scouring the road to look for Chance, their dog.

When Jamie looked to her left, she saw a dog. She went closer to check. The dog got excited, and he started kissing her. However, Jamie said that it wasn’t Chance.

It turned out that the dog was Teddy who was missing for over a year. Jamie brought him to a nearby shelter so they could identify his owner.

Jamie then drove to a gas station to fill her car up. There, she found their missing dog, Chance. When she went back to the shelter, she found out that Teddy was a missing pooch.

It’s as if they were in the right place at the right time. It was indeed fate that they came across Teddy. Now, the pooch is at home with his family.

Shelton and his family were grateful to have Teddy back. He added that Jamie would be a special friend to him and his family.

Credits to KCRA News for this beautiful story.


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