Athena is a dog from Bourbon, Missouri who was rescued twice – once when she was struck by a car. This caused the Brindle to lose part of her tail and one leg. The second time she was rescued was when she mysteriously disappeared from her owner’s backyard while she was recovering from surgery.

The dog’s owner, Dylan Summers, shared that he had suspicions that she was stolen, but he still couldn’t confirm it.

But although Dylan hunted for Athena around the neighborhood and posted online about the missing pet,  she was nowhere to be found. It was after 10 months before Dylan – who was thinking of adopting another dog – coincidentally saw Athena’s picture on Gateway Pet Guardians. Gateway Pet Guardians is a St. Louis, Illinois shelter just across the street from his house.


According to the shelter, Athena had been rescued from a house along with other neglected dogs. But Athena’s presence in the house had left the rescuers confused. They couldn’t understand how a healthy dog came to be living with animals who obviously hadn’t experienced similar care and love.

The shelter’s program director shared that everyone who helped in the rescue was puzzled as to how a healthy dog like Athena was on the property with other canines who seemed to have never received veterinary care.

But finally, the mystery was finally solved when Dylan called the shelter about the three-legged dog. All the missing pieces came together.

Dylan shares that he was so happy to hear that Athena was safe and doing well. The best and most incredible part was when they were reunited on New Year’s Day – that is, 10 months after Athena disappeared.  Currently, the healthy Athena is already settled back in their home with Dylan.  Dylan adds that it’s like she never left and that he is so appreciative of Gateway Pet Guardians for bringing his beloved pet back home.

Find out more of their reunion in the video below.

Source: FOX 2 St. Louis via Youtube


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