Most parents tell their kids to do their homework before they are allowed to watch their favorite shows on tv. But sometimes these children can be stubborn and would ignore these rules while their parents aren’t home. A video went viral about how a girl gets away with watching tv without getting caught with the help of a furry friend.

A girl named Guanlin has found her partner in crime when it comes to her secret TV-watching. In the clip, the little girl’s dog Nuomi barked when he heard Guanlin’s dad walking to the door and put his foot on the table to give a signal. Then the girl quickly turned off the TV and went back to her homework right before her dad walked into the room.


The little girl’s dad didn’t notice anything unusual, but he found out about their secret when he checked their CCTV’s records. They almost got away with their scheme if it weren’t for the camera in the room. But even though they got caught, Nuomi is no doubt one of the best dog lookouts anyone has ever seen.

Nuomi hasn’t gone through any professional training, but his actions and behavior show otherwise. He has always been helpful to his hoomans, and there was even a recording of a time when he received a parcel when there was no one else at home. When the delivery man stayed too long, Nuomi barked at him and closed the door after he scared him away.

Guanlin had been best friends with Nuomi ever since they first met when she was a toddler. The smart doggo had been helping his little human out at home and even carries her bag when he picks her up from school. Watch Guanlin and her furry lookout’s story in the clip below.

Credits: South China Morning Post


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