A woman named Jen loved planting in her garden. She was always there attending to her plants and flowers, that her dog, Milo, ended up loving the garden. Milo loves accompanying his mom there and observing her.

He was such a curious dog that he would stand around and observe what his mother did. He watched her from planting seeds to cutting weeds.

One day, Jen decided to plant milkweeds. The leaves of milkweed were a food source for monarch butterfly larvae. This helped attract butterflies to the garden.


When these butterflies laid their eggs there, Jen immediately covered the milkweed. This was to protect the eggs.

When the eggs turned into caterpillars, Jen slowly showed them to Milo. She even explained to him what they were. She wanted Milo to be involved with the butterflies’ process.

Jen was glad that Milo was always amused and curious about them. Jen got him even more interested when they turned into butterflies. He was smitten!

He loved them, and he even loved them, even more, when they landed on his face. Jen found this very adorable and thought that there was a way to attract the butterflies more to Milo. So she decided to make Milo a headdress that was covered with flowers.

This did the job. Butterflies were flying towards Milo, and it was such a beautiful scene. Milo looked so adorable.

He simply seemed so comfortable with butterflies flying around him. He looked perfect for a photoshoot! Jen took lots of pictures and videos of Milo with the butterflies. She was so happy and proud of her dog.

Jen also never realized that her dog would love gardening and butterflies as much as she did. It delighted her to know that she would always have company when she tends to her garden. Milo was the perfect assistant for his mom.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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