Dogs bring much joy and laughter into our lives. Losing our furry friends is hard to bear because of all the love we received and the memories we made with them. Roxy, a pitbull, disappeared from her yard around December. Roxy’s disappearance saddened her family. They had no idea whether she was taken or if she got loose.

The McMillan children were devastated that they lost one of their best friends. The family looked all over their neighborhood, calling out to Roxy in hopes that they would find her and bring her back home. After some time, they accepted that they might never see Roxy again.

After two months, Mrs. McMillan found a cat and was trying to search if she had an owner, so she checked a page on Facebook about lost pets. As she was scrolling, she was shocked to see Roxy’s face in one of the posts. She told her husband about it and looked through the picture together to confirm that it really was their Roxy.

They wasted no time in messaging the woman who posted the photo; they sent her pictures of Roxy to show that they really are Roxy’s owners. They soon received a message from the woman and arranged to pick Roxy up. Roxy seemed unsure and shy when she arrived home. But as soon as Roxy sniffed her mom, she started kissing and licking her mom. She also greeted her dog siblings with much joy. The only ones who haven’t seen Roxy yet are his favorite kids.

Once the kids came home from school, they were shocked to see their beloved Roxy waggling her tail at them. They soon started crying with joy as Roxy greeted all four kids with excitement. The day Roxy came home was a joyful day for the whole family. They love their Roxy dearly and wouldn’t want her to lose her or any of their dogs again. Now that she’s back, Roxy couldn’t be happier. Everyone was overjoyed for this awesome happy ending.

Grab the tissues because this is very emotional. In a good way. So, some of you may have been following the story about the dog I found abandoned in a parking lot a few weeks ago. I had been calling her Stella, but turns out her name is actually Roxy. When I found her she was cold, hungry, and terrified of humans. I spent hours a day with her for 3 days and was finally able to gain her trust enough to follow me home. It took some work, but I got her to warm up to me and my family. I thought she’d been dumped and didn’t think she had anyone that was missing her. I’ve never been so relieved to be so completely wrong in my entire life. I’ve had her for almost 3 weeks. I saw her for the first time on the 7th of February and got her home with me on the 9th. I had her scanned for a chip and posted her in local fb groups immediately and after time went on, I was ready to keep her and make her a part of our family. Today, the 26th, I was contacted by a woman who said she’d been looking for her dog since right after Christmas. She sent photos and I instantly knew it was her. She has a wonky ear and it makes them both flop to the same side, which was the first thing I noticed about her because it was so perfect and adorable. (Photo of v important and perfect wonky ear in comments)Her home isn’t too far from where I found her. There’s no way this dog was wandering around for a month and a half so close to her home with no other local sightings of her before the first day I saw her. Someone (probably not a very nice someone) had to have had her, then decided they didn’t want her, and then dumped her in the parking lot that I found her in.Anyways, I took her to her REAL home this afternoon and she was so happy to be reunified with her family. I’ve never seen anything like it. This is a video she sent me of her children coming home from school today and realizing their baby was home. It was definitely a bitter/sweet moment for me, because I had grown to love this dog so much, but seeing not only her family’s reaction, but HER reaction to being home, made this entire experience so much more sweet than bitter for me. She had a family this entire time that loved her exactly how I knew this dog deserved to be loved and that’s the most comforting thing in the world. ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Julianne Klein on Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Credits to Julianne Klein


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