A homeless pregnant dog was scavenging for food by the side of a busy road when she started to go into labor. One by one, she gave birth to her babies, and soon enough, all her seven puppies were born. They were perfect, but they didn’t have a safe place to stay.

The mama dog did all she could to protect her puppies. She hid them under the road, away from strangers and from speeding cars. But when the puppies grew bigger, they started to come out of their hiding spot and began to discover the world outside.


Like the mama dog, the puppies scavenged for food. They didn’t realize the danger that surrounded them. Thankfully, nothing bad happened. And then, one day, a Good Samaritan spotted the furry family.

The kind man knew the little ones, as well their momma, needed a place to stay. He, however, knew he couldn’t provide what they need, so he decided to seek help. It was a good thing he knew to call Love Furry Friends Animal Rescue.

The very moment the group answered the call, Olena Pyanov, the lead rescuer, tagged along with her friend and rushed to the site. They knew how risky the area was, so they wasted no time.

Once at the site, the rescuers grabbed the food and water from the trunk of their car. They needed it to gain the trust of the animals. But as it turned out, they didn’t need to do anything to get the puppies, even the mama dog, to come close to them.

Four of the puppies were brave and friendly enough to approach the rescuers. They seemed to understand that they meant them no harm. They wiggled their tails and body and enjoyed the food they gave them.

The remaining three puppies, meanwhile, hid under a slab of cement. They were too afraid to come out. But when they sniffed the food the rescuers offered, they came out one by one.

The entire family received medical attention and soothing baths at the vet’s clinic. They were all happy to finally be safe and clean. And soon, they started to search for their new families and all of them ended up in loving homes.

Credits to Love Furry Friends Animal Rescue


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