Billie Eilish’s love for dogs is nothing new to her legions of fans. Sweet moments, hugging, and cuddling shelter dogs can be seen on her Instagram account. Not only that, but she had also inspired dog lovers like her when she decided to foster two lovable dogs to be with her during the quarantine.

She really has a good heart as she understands the plight that these shelter dogs could go through amid the COVID19 pandemic. She knew that shelter dogs and other animals are not spared. The singer took this opportunity to foster, and she hopes to encourage her fans not to pass up this chance to help.

So far, Billie is happy taking care of Jem and Maude, names she has temporarily chosen for her new pet friends. Pepper, their family dog, welcomes the two Pit Bull puppies. They are obviously enjoying each other’s company during this quarantine period.


As she spends quarantine time with her foster pets, Billie got the chance to get to know each one better. There’s no doubt she liked the two of them. It’s just that the gray Pit Bull pup grew more attached to her. She had decided to make him stay and be a part of her family.

To make it official, Billie had arranged for its adoption through the help of Angel City Pit Bulls. The other pup, however, is happy to have found a family of her own too. The singer even shared a photo of the other Pit Bull with her new mom in an Instagram post.

This quarantine period will be more meaningful for Billie Eilish as she has found another dog friend to keep her company. But more importantly, because of her, the two shelter dogs will surely have a better life with their respective families.

Credits to Billie Eilish Updates


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