scared, dog, looking Anyone who has had a pet dog has seen it – dogs getting really frightened by fireworks. This kind of reaction is triggered by their survival instincts. It is pretty simple really – loud noises mean danger.

July 4th and New Year’s Eve can be a very difficult time for dogs as there will be fireworks going  off and this just scares our pups so much that they hide and cower under furniture. These holidays are a tough time for them but we can help them with these tips to make the festivities guilt free for you and less of a nightmare for your pup.

Indoors and safe

Keep your pups indoors during the festivities to help them feel safer. Make sure that the room or area they are in is cool to help them relax.

Cozy and confined

Being in tight spaces can help your dog feel more safe and relaxed. Try to find a confined space for them to hide in during the fireworks.

Keep them occupied

To somehow make them forget about the scary sounds, try to keep them occupied with their favorite toys and treats inside their hiding place.

Keep the fireworks out of sight

Covering the windows, closing the blinds or covering their hiding place can help a lot. Seeing less events outside such as the fireworks can help them relax a little bit more.

Calming music

There are plenty of music produced to specifically calm down our canine companions during stressful times. These are suggested to be played before the fireworks go off to already calm our pet dog before the explosions come. It should be played continuously up until our pup has dozed off. The music also does not need to mask the explosions by pumping up the volume. Just enough for the dog to hear and it will calm the dog down.

Calming scent

Some sprays with specific scents designed to calm our pet dogs can be found in the market. Some can be used as massage aid and some can be sprayed in the confined space where your dog will be hiding for the night.

Wrap them up

There are a couple of products in the market that are designed to be calming during these times of anxiety. The wraps are specifically designed to provide constant pressure to our dog’s body that will induce a calming effect. It is suggested that these wraps be used several times before the fireworks display as it may take a while for the wraps to work for your pup.


Melatonin can help your dog calm down during these times. Give them a small amount up to 4mg but you have to do further research regarding how much to give your dog as it will depend on their weight.


Benadryl can calm your pup down due to its side effect. It is usually given to dogs during episode of travel anxiety, but it can be applied during these instances as well.

As an added measure, make sure that your pet dog will be wearing their ID tags as there are hundreds of cases of dogs running away from their homes during these holidays where there are fireworks going off.


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