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Pawseidon Canine Wellness is a hydrotherapy facility for canines. It is in Poole, Dorset, and Scott Candlish and James Hill are behind this. They have had experience with loss and injury, and these made them want to use water to help dogs.

Scott and James used to work as dog handlers when they were with the Royal Marines. While on duty, they were injured, and they also lost their canine partners.

Afghanistan was where James got injured. He was in the middle of a battle and got shot six times on his legs. This made him have a foot drop, a condition where his leg muscles got weak. He couldn’t lift the front portion of his left foot. He also doesn’t have any feeling on his lower left leg.


James had a dog partner named Zero. The dog was injured badly, and it was fatal.

Scott got injured during practice. He had a canine partner who also got injured. The dog was euthanized because of his condition.

Scott and James did hydrotherapy to recover. The therapy worked for them, so they had a hydrotherapy pool for the use of injured military personnel.

Soon, the two veterans realized that hydrotherapy could also be used by dogs and improve their quality of life. They both knew what it was to lose a beloved four-legged buddy.

The two guys just love spending time with dogs, so working with the animals wasn’t hard work. They saw how hydrotherapy has helped dogs with injuries as well as senior dogs who may have aching joints and pains because of their age.

Hydrotherapy has also been helpful for the dogs who have issues with behavior. Most of these dogs have behavioral issues because they do not have enough to do, or their brains are not used enough. Having hydrotherapy helps cure them of these.

Injured marines turn water into dog therapy

Fomer Royal Marine dog handlers Scott and James were injured while on duty and their dogs, Max and Zero, were killed.

Posted by BBC South on Monday, 2 September 2019

Source: BBC South


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