Dogs, like their human counterparts, have items they consider special. Even if such an object’s already soiled, our canine friends refuse to let their fur parents clean it for fear that their hoomans won’t return it to them.

Thus, one valiant doggo scrambles to rescue its favorite teddy bear from their washing machine. Though the laundry equipment merely cleans the stuffed animals placed inside it, the canine feels antsy not having its beloved stuffed animal with it.

Where are you, my friend?

In this action-packed video, a black-furred dog named Buddy stands near a washing machine. At first, you’ll think Buddy’s merely watching the stuffed toys tumble inside the equipment.


Yet, it isn’t the case as the eager canine sticks his head inside the machine to search for something. Buddy carries on with his furtive search, but his first attempt failed as he pulls back a bit from the washing machine.

But, Buddy refuses to give up as he continues looking for his lost item. On and on, the zealous doggo keeps on sniffing out the stuffed animals inside until he focuses on a familiar object.

I found you!

With this, Buddy takes a closer look at the toy to check if it’s the missing object he’s searching for. Yet, it seems the canine needs to search longer as the plushy isn’t the one he’s looking for.

At some point, the camera even changes its focus to take another view of the situation. And, it seems Buddy finds the object of his interest as he yanks a cream-furred teddy bear from the washing machine.

However, the cream-furred teddy isn’t the object he’s looking for as Buddy once again dives deeper into the cavernous washing machine. Do you think the dog successfully recovered his treasured toy? Keep watching until the last second of the video below to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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