Some movies tug hard at your heartstrings, and you’d be lucky to hold your emotions in. That’s probably how dogs feel too, and this story will show you just how viable that theory is.

Meet Griffin and Haru; they’re both French Bulldogs, and they’re the only pets in this household. That means they do almost everything together.


They’re a cheerful bunch, and although Griffin can sometimes be a drama king, queen Haru makes sure she’s there for her man. It’s the most adorable thing to witness.

Both pets love to watch Pixar movies, and today’s no exception. Inside Out was showing, and the two were huddled close on the living room rug while they watched.

Movie buffs

When Joy, the main character, was able to get out of the dump she was in, the pets huddled closer. It was because they saw the sacrifice that her friend, the elephant, made.

In the movie, Joy didn’t realize that her friend had cut himself off so that she could enjoy her freedom. When she turned to celebrate with him, she found the truth out.

The pitties couldn’t take it, and they hugged each other. They continued to do so as the brave elephant slowly faded and eventually disappeared from the screen.

We must admit that it’s touching to see similar themes of sacrifice by good characters and good people. What’s incredible is having two dogs understand exactly what it meant.

It’s probably because they’d do the same, and the concept of facing danger to save a friend isn’t alien to them. These pitties not only understood, but they also sympathized.

We hope you didn’t stay sad for long. Nobody actually died in the movie, but it’s adorable to see you both so emotionally attuned to the main character’s plight. Cheers and hugs to you, doggos!

Photo and video credits to Griffin Frenchie via YouTube


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