Dogs are inquisitive creatures. Whenever they’d see something they’re not familiar with, they’d approach it and try to figure out what that thing is. When they’re placed in a new environment, you’ll immediately see them stick their noses to the ground and sniff about so they’d know more about their surroundings.

That same level of curiosity applies whenever they meet strangers. Of course, they’d get shy at first, but that goes away once they sense that they’re in good company. Their tails would wag nonstop the moment they realize that that stranger has the potential to be their longtime pal.


Playing with the neighbor


This was what happened to Bounder when he realized that his mom’s neighbor could be his playmate. In case you’re wondering how the furball came to this realization, well, it happened when he saw the old man playing catch with his dog. Since he didn’t have the strength to actually throw the ball, he had to use a ball gun.

Bounder barked non-stop when he witnessed this. The old man heard him, so he fired a ball in the five-year-old Labrador’s direction. As soon as the ball flew over the fence, the furball ran towards it, picked it up, and gave it back to the old man. This went on for hours!

Meet the playmate

Brittney Reynolds, Bounder’s owner, had no idea about this at first. The only time she found out about it was when she heard her dog barking at something in the backyard and decided to check it out.

Worried that her dog was tiring the old man out, Brittney tried to shush the Labrador and get him to stop playing. But, the old man told her everything was okay and that he wasn’t tired at all. Seeing that the two were having so much fun, she decided to grab her phone and take videos of them.


He brings it back to the edge of the fence. #blacklab #doglover #SeeHerGreatness

♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

Credits to Brittney


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