Taking care of fur babies is like constantly riding an emotional roller coaster. They’re constantly out and about, eager to explore the world around them. Their intense hunger for play sometimes depletes our energy, but we indulge them anyway because their happiness means everything to us.

While things are peachy keen most of the time, there are days when our dogs’ naughtiness goes overboard. They’re annoying, but we can’t find it in ourselves to give them a good scolding because of how hilarious the situation is. Ergo, we resort to “shaming” them online.


Pet Shaming


We’re not asking our friends, family, and online contacts to take our side and gang up on the pooch. That’s not it at all. Instead, we share stories, along with photos and videos showing how naughty our pups are to give people something to laugh about. It would be a waste to deprive them of these facepalm-worthy moments, right?

Case in point is Karen Manthey, who brought her pupper to school one day. The dog enjoyed being around the students so much that he followed them wherever they went. He ended up having a wee bit too much fun that he landed on an interesting spot by the window.

Another fur parent who resorted to “pet shaming” online is Becky Robbins Moulton. Her newly adopted rescue dog Violet woke her up at an unholy hour. The reason? She thought an intruder dog entered their house… only to realize it was just her reflection.

A growing community

With the number of fur parents shaming their puppers online, Geneve Clelland decided to put up the Facebook group, Pet Shaming. It’s an online compilation of naughty things dogs and other animals do that make their owners shake their heads in disbelief. It’s also become a go-to space for people looking for something to cheer them up amid the pandemic.

Credits to Karen Manthey


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Cathy D. Evans
Life-long fan of all dogs including Finnegan pictured here. He's a Chinook about a year old with the most wonderful personality. Please enjoy this dog website and its content. “Dogs don’t rationalize. They don’t hold anything against a person. They don’t see the outside of a human but the inside of a human.” —Cesar Millan (dog trainer)


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