A German Shepherd named Nova loves going on different adventures. However, Nova does not go anywhere without her best friend. Dogs usually become friends with humans, fellow dogs, and even cats. However, Nova’s best friend is quite unusual. Her best friend is a ferret named Pacco.

Nova’s loving owner, Diana Grib, has been with her for more than two years. However, the ferret has been living with them for only a few months. Despite having known each other for only such a short time, they immediately became inseparable. They always play and have fun with each other.

Pacco is small, but despite that, it looks like he is the “boss” in the relationship. Nova loves the ferret and always puts up with him. The two are exceptionally playful, and Pacco can keep up with Nova’s high energy. They enjoy wrestling and playing tug-of-war.

This unusual pair also loves exploring and going on walks. Diana loves the two very much and always takes pictures of their adventures together. She also made an Instagram profile where she can share the pair’s adorable photos. As of this writing, the Instagram account already has more than 12,000 followers.

According to Diana, Pacco is very loving and friendly not only to Nova but also to other people he meets. The ferret also loves cuddling, especially with Nova. Diana even added that Pacco acts as if he is a dog.

Diana said that Nova and Pacco are very different yet similar. The two are so similar when it comes to their playfulness, bravery, and curiosity. She is very thankful that Pacco and Nova have each other. Pacco and Nova’s friendship shows how loving animals can be. Their friendship is adorable, and they will surely have a lot of amazing adventures in the future.

Credits to Nova’n’Pacco


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