Whenever we feel happy, we can’t help but express our overwhelming feelings through energetic activities. No matter how hard we try to control our emotions, embracing and letting them out in the open is the only way to curb them.

Thus, one cheerful Boxer bounds to and fro across their spacious yard for the sheer fun of it. Though no one’s playing with the mutt, Mom allows the pup to express its joy in the way it knows best.

Mom! I’m so happy!

In this amusing video clip, a brown-furred Boxer named Thelma dashes across their spacious backyard. With the way it looks, someone’s chasing Thelma as she hurriedly saunters towards the treehouse in the opposite corner.


As soon as the doggo arrives at the area, Thelma takes a quick breather from her energetic sprint. With this, fur parent slowly strolls towards the treehouse to check how Thelma’s faring.

And, it seems fur parent need not worry how the canine’s doing as Thelma stands still beneath the treehouse. But, upon spotting the Boxer, fur parent can’t hide her surprise at seeing how calm Thelma is after her energetic stint.

Go, Thelma, go!

With this, Mom decides to call out the doggo’s attention. Yet, instead of responding, Thelma merely stares at Mom as if trying to gauge her thoughts. Before Thelma can decipher the woman’s thoughts, Mom eggs the doggo to start moving.

And, just like that, Thelma begins hopping across the field, energetically bounding in a sing-song manner until she reaches her pit stop by the orange cone. Though the Boxer performs such action comically, Thelma’s merely too happy that she can’t stop herself from leaping in their spacious yard.

Do you think Thelma carries on with her prancing motion across their backyard? You’ll only know by staying tuned to the video clip below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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