When we watch some cartoons and movies showing cats and dogs together, it usually shows the two animals being each other’s mortal enemy. The two animals might either be chasing one another or fighting over some toy.

But what many people don’t realize is that in reality, cats and dogs can definitely be best buddies. And the video below is one perfect example of how a cat and a dog can share a precious moment together.

When you have found a true friend, it doesn’t matter what kind of species you both are. As long as the bond is backed up by genuine love and loyalty, the friendship will last. Just look at this adorable Golden Retriever and her furry cat companion.


In a tweet posted by an account named Humor and Animals, the two can be seen playing in the snow. It seems that they are fond of the winter weather and the deep snow around them.  Look closely and you’ll notice that the stylish cat is calmly seated in a sleigh ride while the dog is holding the rope in his mouth.

The furry dog then happily pulls the rope to make the mini sleigh glide through the fresh snow. Of course, the cat remained still and enjoyed the serene scenery. Though the dog was busy doing the pulling, you can see his tail wagging with delight.

They do this for quite some time and you can see that both animals are embracing every second of their snowy Christmas playtime.

Humor and Animals shared the very timely video on Christmas Eve, which was considered an early gift for anyone who wants to end up their new year with a smile. The precious video has earned more than 14,000 retweets, which probably means it is also bound to generate more smiles in 2021, too.

Watch their heartwarming snow session in the video below.

Source: Humor And Animals via Twitter


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Cathy D. Evans
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