Oftentimes, dogs aren’t usually allowed to touch things that are not for them. But for an Australian Shepherd named Luke, no single act or thing is forbidden.

From the day he was finally adopted, Luke has already caused a countable number of headaches to his new fur parents. Luke likes to munch the things that he thinks are chewable even if he’s told that they aren’t for him.

The pup’s owners frequently feel displeased with Luke’s behavior. But now and then, he’s the source of their happiness. A good example of this instance is when Luke got his head jammed inside a pumpkin!


Fur mom Becca Ann Hoerner was aware of Luke’s naughtiness. She knows that the pup would cause so much trouble if nobody’s looking after him.

One day, it came to Hoerner that maybe she can leave Luke alone for just fifteen 15 minutes. She and her husband need to do a quick errand to get some goods for the family.

The result? Luke maximized the time to make so much mess in the house! It was a perfect moment for the lad. He was able to find his costume for this year’s celebration of Halloween.

Luke got himself a pumpkin headdress- a jack-o-lantern decoration, perfect for his head!

Well, he got stuck in it actually. He chewed the pumpkin from its bottom, and then it turned out that he couldn’t get it off from his head after a while.

In an interview, Hoerner shared the real story.

When the couple got home from the store, Becca’s husband was the first one to enter the house. She was then shocked to see him out again, bursting out into a humorous laugh.

Becca was both worried and confused when his husband asked her to see the reason for his hysterical reaction.

Luke then managed to meet her fur mom by the door with a bobbly pumpkin fixed on his head!

It was a special moment for Becca. So, she took her camera, captured numerous photos, and laughed so hard before she tried helping the hilarious pup.

Having something stuck on their head would feel scary and bothersome for some dogs. But for Luke? It was nothing. In fact, it was fun!

The cheerful pooch was still joyful and enthusiastic even after the silly incident.

For some reason, the pumpkin scenario wasn’t considered as the turning point for Luke to behave. As usual, he still causes trouble, making his owners feel both displeased and entertained.

Video Credits: Storyful Rights Management on Youtube


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