Dogs have such diverse personalities that we couldn’t help but feel delighted when we witness their unique goofiness.

All dog lovers know that dog behavior is so hard to predict, and this dog’s sleeping habit proves it better than ever.


This dog named Bailey has a beautiful short brindle coat which makes her look like a curly-haired mop that came to life.

Her mom, however, took it to social media to ask dog owners if they have seen any other dog who sleeps the way her pet does.

Dog owners, being dog lovers just like her, had a blast while sharing the photos of their pet’s amusing napping habits, but let’s dissect this dog’s hilarious sleeping position.

Bailey loves to lay on her back with her front paws raised and her hind legs splayed. Her belly’s all exposed, and it spoke of the trust and safe feeling she felt in her home.


Her dog mom found great joy in observing how her dog sleeps because it looked so funny.

Bailey is a very relaxed dog who knows no fear of napping on her back. It seems that she does this because it’s one of the most comfortable sleeping positions for dogs.

She probably feels safe inside their home, and that’s the kind of feeling we’d like for all pets out there.

The puppy’s eyes couldn’t be seen, thanks to all that curly hair, but we could see that cheeky grin. Don’t you feel this dog is also grinning at us?

Like any dog, Bailey loves to have a nap wherever and whenever she wants. This position is so comfortable that Bailey would probably sleep on the floor even if it weren’t carpeted.

For the life of me, I really couldn’t understand why this pet found this position relaxing, but that doesn’t matter. If this is what this doggo likes, she should enjoy it!

Credits to BViral via YouTube


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