Some current pet owners didn’t want dogs at first. They claimed they were too busy, and that pets are just added responsibility, etc.

This dad told his family that he didn’t want a dog. His family brought home one anyway, and it was a young Golden Doodle.


They didn’t know how dad would react at first, but as it turned out, they didn’t have to worry at all. The newcomer worked its puppy magic, and dad was putty.

He then engaged with the puppy who got a little stuffed yellow toy in its mouth. Together, the two played a game of tag, and the puppy couldn’t have received a better welcome.

For someone who didn’t like to have dogs, this new fur dad behaved beautifully. It’s a great thing he didn’t want dogs, otherwise, this poor pup would have been worn out.

Imagine how much play dad would do if he did want doggos? It’s fun to witness a change of heart, and we’re so happy for this little puppy.

We tend to actually forget that dogs have a certain magic they could wield. They could turn the most unfavorable circumstances into one that makes everybody involved happy.

This pup did it, and this fluffball turned his owner from a non-believer into a bare-footed believer of having pets in no time.

That’s no ordinary feat but this pup achieved it at such a young age. He ran back and forth with dad close at his heels.

The furball sought his cozy tent of blankets and toys to rest a bit from dad’s pursuits. Then the game was on again, and out the pup ran, yellow toy in its mouth.

Dad gave considerable effort with his bending, clapping, and running. The pup was small, so that couldn’t have been easy on dad’s back.

He did it anyway, and we love how he’s now a believer in the joys of owning dogs!

Credits to RookieRookie via YouTube


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Cathy D. Evans
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