A family contacted Animal Aid Unlimited about a puppy that needed medical care. They weren’t quite sure about what happened but they believed a passing vehicle hit him and left him with a broken hip. He was in agony and he could barely move.

As soon as the rescue group got the call, rescuers sprang into action. They drove to the address provided by the family and met Fluffy. They tried to carry him as gentle as they could but he was in agony that he cried in pain when they moved him.


At the hospital, the rescuers confirmed Fluffy had a badly injured hip. Because of it, it was impossible for him to carry his own weight. He didn’t understand why he had to suffer but he trusted his rescuers and he knew they’d do everything to ease his pain.

Fluffy whined even with the slightest touch. But thanks to his skilled rescuers, he felt better each day. His hip gradually healed and he gained strength each week.

The rescuers were glad to see Fluffy heal. But while his hip got better, he seemed depressed and looked defeated. He didn’t even want to play with the other puppies at the sanctuary. He just kept to himself.

There was sadness in the dog’s eyes, the rescuers realized. He improved a lot but something was still missing. He was homesick and was probably missing his family.

Even though Fluffy still had a little limp, Animal Aid Unlimited decided for an early release. They drove the puppy back home, where his family waited for him. He was so happy to be with them and he wagged his tail like crazy. His dog mom and dad were ecstatic to see him, too.

A month later, the rescuers paid Fluffly a visit. They couldn’t believe it was the same puppy they took care of in the past. He was bigger, healthier, and happier. He was with his family and that’s what helped him completely heal.

Credits to Animal Aid Unlimited, India


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